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Churchwood Lake is approximately 2.5 acres in size. A maximum of 6 anglers are permitted although like Jenkins larger parties can be accommodated upon request. Carp to 30lbs+ are present with a good head of 20's and many upper doubles. The original stock has been complimented over the past few years with some cracking scaly AJS stockies. In addition to this we have also added a number of faster growing strains from our stock pond which are achieving some excellent growth rates. One such example is a mirror we christened 'Chucky' that was introduced at 18lbs. Within just two years this fish is now pushing 28lbs+ and looks set to one day be a very large specimen.

Other species include:
Tench 8lbs
Bream 11lbs+
Perch 4lbs+
Crucians 4lbs+
Roach 3lbs+
Rudd 2lbs

Again like Jenkins, fishing tight to the far margin produces the majority of the fish although during the Summer months, presenting a bait around the aerator which runs constantly is also worth a try. Fishing is only permitted from one bank although baiting up on the opposite bank is permitted providing trees and fauna are respected and not damaged. No fixed leads (helicopter / chod rigs etc) are permitted anywhere on the complex. Please use the row boat provided for any fish that may get snagged. Pulling for breaks is something that we seriously do not approve of and we always encourage the angler to retrieve their end tackle. The row boat can also be used to find suitable areas, placing hook baits and for baiting up purposes.the margins tend to be the most prolific. The use of a bait boat is recommended in some of the far margin swims to gain access under the overhanging trees although casting is adequate on most of the lake.

Site plan of Churchwood lake 

Overflow Swim

churchwood fisheries

This swim is only used when a group of 6 anglers have booked the lake to themselves. During the Summer months the large lily bed cuts off an area from swim 1 thus giving this little swim its own area. In truth it’s a very productive area and one of the owners favorites. Slack lines, absolute bear minimum disturbance and stealth can yield some good catches from this swim. Either concentrate on the back of the lily pad in front of the swim or the margins to the left. If fish are showing themselves then you can be sure it will be in this area.

Swim 1

churchwood fisheries

Lots of features to fish to in this swim. Either side of the overhanging tree directly in front are the obvious spots to place your baits as the carp love to sit under the safety of the branches. To the left in the near side margin your will find good gravel areas. Keeping bank side disturbance to a minimum will hugely improve your chances of success. During the Summer months a large lily bed grows in the middle to the left. When the weather is hot the carp will spend much of their day basking under the pads. Average depths of 4ft - 5ft up this end of the lake.

Swim 2

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Mostly all far margins from this swim. During the Summer months you will need to find the gaps in between the lily beds that populate the far margins. Again in the Summer it is always worth trying a bait around 3ft from the aerator to the right. The only near margin feature is a dense weed bed to the right, around a rod length of the bank. You will see the top of this weed bed just protruding above the surface. Worth trickling some bait around this area during the day and use it as a night time spot.

Swim 3

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This large double swim has many features and commands a good proportion of the water. On the right hand side, along the near side margin, an area know as 'The Alley'. A strip of dense weed runs along this margin around a rod length of the bank. The fish like to spend much of their time rooting around for the abundant natural food sources amongst the weed. Fish a slack line along this margin and keep noise to a minimum to increase your chance of success. There are also some prolific gravel spots along the far margin which are easily found with a marker rod or with the aid of the row boat. Again the aerator is worth a go during the hotter months.

Swim 4

churchwood fisheries

This swim is nicely tucked away at the far end of the lake. Its perfect for those who love their margin fishing as there are so many great little features to fish to. This is the deepest end of the lake with depths of around 11ft - 12ft in places.

Mats, slings and landing nets are supplied to use on all lakes at churchwood fisheries