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There are many stunning carp at Churchwood Fisheries just waiting to be caught. Since the current owner has been running the fishery several carp have been given names and have become target fish for many of the visiting anglers. No doubt we will have a few more in the near future. If you are lucky enough to catch an unknown fish or one that breaks the 30lb barrier it could be you naming one of the lakes many inhabitants.

Bubbles (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries Bubbles

Bubbles was named in 2009 by a West Ham fan funnily enough ! A cracking fish with a good shape and potential to grow into something special. Easily recognised by a small smooth spawning scar on one of its flanks. This common resides in Churchwood Lake and is currently around the 30lbs mark.

George (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries George

This mirror scraps in around the 30lbs mark during Winter. Claim to fame was to get on the front cover of Carptalk Jan 2011. A fish that likes its food and is a regular visitor to the bank. A real old warrior.

5 Scale (Jenkins)

Churchwood fisheries 5 Scale

A cracking mirror that weighs between 28-30lbs. Easily recognisable from a cluster of 5 large scales centered on both flanks. When the new owners took over the fishery back in 2004, 5-scale was one of the 1st carp from Jenkins and weighed 24lbs. A very wise and wary carp that makes very few mistakes.  

The Ghost Of Churchwood

Churchwood fisheries Ghost

One of the prettiest Ghosties you are likely to see. Weighs in around the mid 20's and is a frequent visitor to the bank. There are several Ghost carp in both lakes and a few that are now of similar size although this creature is easily recognisable
Tom's Common

Churchwood fisheries Toms Common

One of the best looking commons that inhabit these lakes. A young fast growing fish that has hit 30lbs a few times. Interestingly this fish seems to like the colder weather but makes very few mistakes these days. A very cute and wise common.
The Long Common (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries Long Common

A long strong fighting machine, resembling a river common. A cracking fish and one that we would love to see several pounds heavier. This could become a good 30lb+ fish. As with the majority of fish in these lakes the Long Common is in superb condition and is probably the owners favorite carp in Churchwood. Has been 30lbs+ when carrying spawn but typically weights in around 28-30lbs. This fish makes very few mistakes and may only visit the bank two - three times a year.

Scar (Jenkins)

Churchwood fisheries Scar

Best weight 29lbs 02oz. Scar is easily recognizable by a 3 - 4 inch old scar on one of her flanks. This fish has been steadily increasing in weight over the past 2 years and fully expect it to go 30lbs very soon. It's a fairly obliging carp and makes regular appearances, although its no mug.

The Italian (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries Italian

A big plated pretty Mirror coming in around 26lbs. A strong fighting fish that will test your tackle to the max.       

The Linear (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries Linear

There are several stunning Linears in Churchwood although I would put this one up the top. Best weight 28lbs, a stunning old original.     

Chucky (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries Chucky

This is the one to watch. Stocked at 17lbs and just over two years later pushing 30lbs. A very fast growing fish and one that cannot get enough bait. Probably one of the most obliging fish in the complex due to its appetite. Hoping for great things for this mirror.

Chucky Mate (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries Chucky Mate

Another one from the same strain as Chucky. Stocked at 15lbs and now pushing 27lbs two years on. Very similar to Chucky apart from some scale patterns around the wrist of its tail. A cracking condition mirror and another one to watch for the future.

Spikes Fish (Churchwood)

Churchwood fisheries Spikes Fish

A well proportioned, typical stunning CW mirror. Goes a lovely dark chestnut colour during the colder months. Named by local angler 'Spike' when a low 20. These days weights in around 26lbs and still growing.

Zara's Fish (Jenkins)

Churchwood fisheries Zaras Fish

A fish that the owner has caught several times. Usually weighs around 26-27lbs and is named after the owners daughter. A frequent visitor to the bank and likes its food.

Black Spot (Jenkins)

Churchwood Fisheries Black Spot

An old warrior that has hit the 30lbs mark a few times although typically comes in around 28-08lbs. Easily recognisable by a dark scare in the middle of one of its flanks. This fish is one of the hardest fighting fish in the complex and has been mistaken many times for a large cat.