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Diary 2014

It's been a great start to the year here at Churchwood Fisheries. From what was the wettest UK Winter on record, vernal equinox day could not have come sooner. We seem to have missed any serious Winter weather, although we have seen snow and frozen lakes in April in the past, so lets not count our lucky stars too soon. I can only recall a handful of any meaningful frosty mornings over the past few months, it's has certainly been a mild start to the year. What has this meant for the lakes and the fish ? The lakes have benefited from several turnovers of water that have flowed in and out of the lakes on a regular occurrence. The mild weather has also kept the carp on the move and in search of food. We have been feeding the carp on a specially designed low water temperature, easily digestible boilie along with micronized flaked barley and maize. This has kept the fish in great shape and ready to fight any Spring viruses that can cause serious issues for all fisheries.

The fishing has been consistent and plenty of carp have graced the banks. The carp have been in their usual mint condition and looking absolutely stunning. We kept the banks purposely quite during the heavy rains, with the intention of trying to keep the swims and surrounding areas in as good as condition as possible. As we head into the busy season, the banks are now dry and firm and not looking any worse for wear. The diary is extremely busy and there is little weekend availability until around August and September. We still have a few mid week dates available, although these are also going extremely quickly. My wife who manages the diary and the bookings recently remarked to me - "If I had a pound for every time I have told customers looking to book that we are fully booked and need another lake, I would be a millionaire". She must take more than 30 calls a day, so I can only imagine it's very difficult to repeatedly disappoint anglers who want to come and fish these extremely popular lakes. Another highlight so far this year was the decision to employ a head bailiff and grounds man on a more regular basis. Mark Stewart has been around the fishery now for a number of years, maintaining lawns and general maintenance work. Mark will be available to offer advice on rigs and spots to fish on a regular basis going forward and will also be keeping a closer eye on any anglers who decide to deviate from our fishery rules, which are in place to protect our carp.

On a personal note, I have also had a great start to 2014. From a fishing perspective, hosting a dinner with Dean Macey & Adam Penning along with their partners, meeting Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi at my Birthday dinner at Roka, catching 'Bubbles' from Churchwood Lake at just under 30lbs, these would certainly top my list so far this year. I have also another weeks fishing at the awesome Gillhams Resort in Thailand booked which I am massively looking forward to. I will leave it these for now, check out Steves Blog for all the latest catch reports and news.


The Korda Boys & dinner with Adam and Deano....