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Diary 2016

We are now fast approaching the month of March, so I guess it's about time that we kicked off this year diary. In fairness though, we do put a lot of time and effort into ensuring our social media feeds are kept up to date, which we believe is the preferred method for most of our customers to be kept informed of all the latest news. As usual, at this time of year, we see a limited amount of anglers pass through our gates. The lakes can fish extremely well during the colder months and most visiting anglers end up with a wet net more often than not. Scott 'Gezzer' Grant was one such angler rewarded on a recent February session, landing five carp, including a 29lbs, 27lbs and a 22lbs. Local angler Michael Jarvis managed to get a great picture of a stunning upper 20 pounder in the snow, something many anglers have on their bucket lists. Korda Graphic Designer Tom Wager, has also seen success on a few mid-week over night sessions. Personally that's a little too much effort on my behalf, but each to their own, respect ! I have also been taking advantage of the quieter banks, with a couple of socials with some old mates. I've manage a decent amount of fish, the most memorable being an old original linear that weighed in at over 27lbs. Tom Wager kindly took a great picture for me, it was that good, if it was 10lbs heavier it may have made the front cover of Carp-Talk. Talking of magazines, we also featured in Big Carps Top 10 UK Carp Fisheries as voted by their readers in a recent poll. Rob Maylins mag is in it's 25th year, so it was a little extra special in receiving this particular recognition. 


Yours truly with 'The Linear' along with Big Carp Magazines Top 10 Fisheries

As most of you will now know, our Cat Lake is to be featured in the new series of 'The Big Fish Off', presented by Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey. It's due to be aired at the start of April on ITV4. We are all very excited that one of our lakes and its inhabitants will be seen by a huge audience on mainstream TV. The wife probably does not share the same enthusiasm as she will be the one picking up our booking line and telling everyone the Cat Lake is already booked ! In seriousness, most weekends are now booked but we still have some mid-week availability. If you are looking to get on for a session this year I suggest you try booking sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.


I'll leave you with some of my favourite pictures that I have seen this year....but if you are looking to get onto any of the lakes this year, give us a call soon as the diary is now looking rather full.


Scott 'Geezer' Grant with a couple of stunners from Churchwood Lake


Michael Jarvis with a cracking 'Snow Carp' & Nic Grimes with a pretty CW Lake stockie